Journal Subscriptions

Jurnal Metamorfosa serves the purchase and subscription of print journals with the following conditions:

  1. The price of each copy 80.000 (IDR) (for non-subscription purchases) not including shipping costs,
  2. The price of a subscription 75.000 (IDR) (with the provisions of 3 volumes or 6 consecutive editions) does not include shipping costs
  3. Buyers/Customers can come directly to LPPM STKIP Bina Bangsa Getsempena or buy online on
  4. Availability of each edition (Issue) may change at any time depending on the existing stock in the LPPM STKIP BBG, more information can contact: Yusra JR Simatupang (081360766078),
  5. The amount of the cost/postage is adjusted to the tariff of the postal delivery service provider and or the like.