Focus and Scope

This journal is an open access journal. It covers all areas of education, teaching, and learning. This journal disseminate relevant studies, thinks, and research result in the field of mathematics learning, critical study of mathematics learning, classroom action research on mathematics curriculum, mathematics learning methods and medias, research on mathematics assessment, and research on the development of mathematics teaching and learning.


Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Researchers in mathematics education are primarily concerned with the tools, methods and approaches that facilitate practice or the study of practice; however, mathematics education research, known in Indonesia as the didactic or pedagogy of mathematics, has developed into an extensive field of study, with its concepts, theories, methods, national and international organisations, conferences and literature.


Classroom Action Research

Classroom Action Research is a reflective process in which instructors gather empirical data, to improve their teaching practices. It is the integration of teaching and scholarship where instructors use data readily available from their classes to answer practical questions about teaching and learning in their classrooms. It is less formal than traditional educational research but more systematic and data-based than teacher reflection.


Mathematics Assessment

Assessment has been used for multiple purposes, such as providing student grades, national accountability, system monitoring, resource allocation within a district, student placement or monitoring, determining interventions, improving teaching and learning, or providing individual feedback to students and their parents/guardians. For accountability purposes, such large-scale assessments of mathematics are used to monitor educational systems and increasingly play a prominent role in the lives of students and teachers as graduation or grade promotion often depend on students’ test results.


Mathematics Learning Media

Media education in general, is a teaching and learning tool. Mathematics learning media is everything that can be used to stimulate thoughts, feelings, concerns and abilities or skills of learners so as to facilitate the process of learning mathematics. This limitation is quite broad and includes in-depth understanding of the source, the environment, human beings and the method used for the purpose of learning.